Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Peoples Choice Advantage

Peoples Choice Staffing, Inc. is very particular about the professionals we hire. We only want the best! We don’t just match a job description; we match your corporate culture.

To start, the candidates must have stable work history to begin our process. We conduct an extensive pre-screen which is designed to look for the relevant skill sets our client’s request along with excellent stability. If the candidate successfully passes our pre-screen, they are invited to come into our office for a discovery based interview. Our goal is to find out what the candidates are qualified to do, but more importantly what they enjoy.

Once we determine that the candidate would be a great fit for your company, we’ll send you his/her resume along with a summation of the interview. Our summary covers success stories, accomplishments, rewards and any gaps of employment that may not be highlighted on their resumes.

PCS guarantees two professional references on every candidate we present. Each candidate must successfully pass our clerical evaluation which is designed to measure their basic math aptitude, filing skills, proof reading capability, and spelling knowledge. In addition we test the candidates on all applicable software required for the position they are applying for.

We attribute our low attrition rate to listening to what the candidate’s desire, then placing them in positions that create career opportunities for them. Our goal is to not only exceed your expectations, but to also be the “Employer of Choice” for our associates. To ensure this, we hold our employees accountable in a manner that even exasperates their own expectations of themselves. We also pride ourselves by fairly compensating our associates, creating a positive win-win-win for everyone.

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