Monday, December 9, 2013

Competitive Pay Rates

With the economy shifting back to an Employee’s Market and minimum wage rising, pay rates are expected to increase by approximately 3.0% from 2014 to 2015.  As the available good labor pool is shrinking and more skilled candidates are finding jobs, employers looking to fill positions must offer more competitive pay rates and benefits when hiring. 

CEOs are also facing the growing concern of how to retain their valuable staff members through the upcoming year.  In order to remain competitive, companies will have to focus their attention on both current and prospective employee salaries.

Employers may soon discover that partnering with a staffing firm, such as Peoples Choice Staffing, is the key to navigating the market shift.  PCS is not only a great resource for in-depth knowledge of the current trends, but its services are proven to save you time and money in your search for candidates that not only match the desired skill sets, but also align with your company culture.

"Peoples Choice Staffing, Inc. does more than match the skill sets we ask for, they look beyond the job description to understand our companies goals and vision. They offer customized, cost-effective solutions that not only save us time, but save us money".
- Marc Mills, President, Pacific Rim Capital, Inc.- Aliso Viejo, California

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Shifting to an Employee's Job Market

The days of finding a large pool of qualified candidates seeking employment are quickly fading away. For the past 4 years it has been an employer’s job market where you had your pick of many top candidates to choose from but that is rapidly changing as the economy continues to improve.

staffing industry trends

We are seeing a strong increase in hiring now in all industries and there are a lot fewer people looking for work because many of them are now reemployed. Those who are seeking employment are getting offers quickly so it is becoming more difficult now to find the right person to hire and you must act quickly to make an offer of employment or you risk losing that candidate to another company.

Having a great staffing partner to assist you with the hiring process can be invaluable by saving you time as well as the costs associated with recruiting, screening and skill evaluation. Such a partnership accelerates the process of getting qualified candidates in front of you quickly and gives you the competitive edge in acquiring the top talent that is available. Peoples Choice Staffing is an award winning leader in our industry with a proven track record of success and we look forward to assisting you with your next hiring need!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Secret to Success [Press Release]


Peoples Choice Staffing’s Secret to Success

Corona, CA – July 25, 2013 – Peoples Choice Staffing, Inc. won the Class III Supplier of the Year Award on July 11, 2013. 

Each year, the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council (SCMSDC) celebrates businesses that excel in certified Minority Business Enterprise partnerships, regional council involvement, and overall competitive growth and development. 

For the past two years (2011-2012), PCS received special recognition as part of the SCMSDC’s Winners Circle. This year, Peoples Choice Staffing, nominated by Rhonda Thornton (Director of USC Supplier Diversity Services), was ready to stand out. 

Denise Peoples, CEO and President of PCS, and her committed staff worked hard to capture the complete story of her professional and personal journey to success, and the effort certainly showed.  Peoples was proud to accept the winning title at the SCMSDC 2013 Awards luncheon celebration.

Peoples adopted the “Never, Never Quit” motto many years ago, and there is no doubt today that, despite many obstacles, true passion constantly drives her towards success.  As an invaluable mentor to other entrepreneurs and to all those around her, she has achieved far more than the business success of her company.

As part of prize for winning the SOTY Award, Peoples is excited to have received a prestigious business scholarship to continue building towards a bigger and brighter future for herself and for Peoples Choice Staffing.

If you are passionate enough and willing to put in the hard work, success will follow.  Peoples states, “I am climbing the mountain and won’t quit until I reach the top!”

About Peoples Choice Staffing, Inc.:

Peoples Choice Staffing is an employment agency based in Corona, CA servicing clients throughout Southern California and expanding on a national scale.  As a certified minority and woman owned business enterprise, PCS assists its partners in achieving their bottom-line profit objectives and meeting their diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Denise Peoples
1269 W. Pomona Road, Suite 107
Corona, CA 92882
Ph: 951-735-0550


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Cost of a Bad Hire

"The biggest category of mistakes is in hiring," says Tony Hsieh (CEO of Today's leading business experts are discussing the importance of hiring decisions because a bad hire can lead to the downward spiral of a company's valuable resources and culture.

Overlooking how well a potential employee will fit into your company's environment in order to meet your immediate needs can quickly backfire. A bad hire can cost millions of dollars; use this Bad Hire Calculator to estimate the damage to your bottom line.

Hsieh declares that he is "willing to sacrifice the short term benefits for the long term gains." Whether or not a candidate shows excellent qualifications on paper, if they do not fit the company culture, they will be turned away.

Chris Bryant (CEO of Bryant Group) also advises to "select for value and train for function" because your employees are representing your brand.  "Invest in the gift that keeps on giving; invest in your people."

Find out how Peoples Choice Staffing can help you avoid the difficulty of dealing with bad hires. As an experienced leader in Human Capital Management, Denise Peoples can save you time and money on your staffing needs.

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